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Caroline's dissertation defense    


Nice MacGyver camera rig guys! Vis Center Situation Room open house Remco's dissertation defense
Pinball party in Tom's gameroom Celebrating the last night at VisWeek Celebrating the last night at VisWeek
Showing off the touch table    


First 2008 DVG group meeting. With Vis 2008 deadline fast approaching... We setup a virtual camp...
Which came complete virtual trees, and a virtual fire... And some... beverages courtesy of Tom... Just enough to keep us staring at the count down but not working on the papers.
Proof that Tom and Remco attended Eurovis instead of goofing off in the Netherlands.


Weekly Wednesday night party! Hotpot, courtesy of Xiaoyu and Wenwen. ...everyone's real polite staring at the food...
...then they got hungry. Eurovis 2007. 4.3 hours before deadline. New Year's Eve party.
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